Lady Dianne Hadlee

B.Ed., Grad. Dip.Sp.Ed.

I am experienced in behavior change, mentoring & counselling, an NLP Master Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Practitioner, and an Extended Disc Behavioural Profiler.

As a Performance Consultant, my focus is on outcomes.

Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate, you are primarily in business to achieve the goals, the targets, and the vision you have established.
If you are not satisfied with your current outcomes, I will work with you in identifying why this is occurring and making the changes necessary to create the pathways, the structure and processes, necessary to achieve more positive outcomes.

On a personal level:
* Are you happy with where you are at in your life?
* Are you achieving the outcomes you want?
* Do you have a vision of what your future holds and does this bring you joy, excitement, contentment, happiness and satisfaction?

* It is possible to make BIG CHANGES in your life. To have more balance between your personal life and career, be happier, and less stressed and take on new challenges.

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What is NLP?
NLP describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (Neuro) and language (Linguistics), and how their interplay affects our body and behavior (Programming).

NLP is about action. It’s dynamic and energetic making the changes you want to happen NOW.

NLP can also be content free, meaning the practitioner can be effective without knowing about the “problem” in great detail.

Don’t leave your success to chance! Take control and make it happen!

* Behavioural profiling with EDisc
* Customised Workshops
* Smoking Cessation
* Life and Business Mentoring

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